1. Degree show Installation shot.

    Show ran 14th -18th June 2012. The work will next be on show August 18th at The Rhythm Factory, London. 

    The Heygate Estate, which contains 1200 family dwellings in South London, has long held contradictory reputations, and this continues now as the last tenants are removed from their homes, to be replaced by bulldozers, redevelopers and gentrification. The project juxtaposes the stereotypes, censorship and multifaceted realities surrounding the estate - it presents to the viewer the stereotype that this sort of architecture is responsible for the perceived crime in the area, whilst also showing the new realities of the estate. It pictures the Heygate Regeneration  scheme - the last tenants have created communal gardens, which talk of the estates original utopian ideals, whilst also showing that a worthy community exists and existed on the estate.

    These opposing viewpoints make the viewer aware of all sides of the story, which dismisses prior simplistic representations, and allow a well-rounded depiction of the estate.

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